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American College of Surgeons

2017 American College of Surgeons Annual Meeting Highlights

The American College of Surgeons annual meeting was held October 22-26, 2017 in San Diego, CA. The meeting was another great success. As President of the Florida Chapter and a Florida Chapter Governor, I wanted to update the Florida Chapter membership on several of the initiatives for the ACS and share the American College of Surgeons report presented by David Hoyt, MD, FACS, Executive Director, click here to view the slides. Please see the outline below for a quick summary of important projects and accomplishments:

1. Quality Improvement

  • Red Book - Quality Resources for Surgical Quality and Safety. You can use the Red Book to lead quality improvement in the 5 phases of care:  Pre op, Immediate Pre op, Intraoperative, Post op, Post discharge.
  • Surgeon Specific Registry Implementation – developing the ability for automatic EHR communication
  • Quality programs currently in 2800 US hospitals
  • Surgical attire, specifically study found bouffant hats to be porous

2. Trauma

  • National initiative of the Committee on Trauma and National Academy of Medicine calling for ZERO preventable deaths
  • Widespread Stop the Bleed initiatives

3. Surgical Training & Education

  • National Invitational Conference on the Future of Surgical Training for early residency, core training, final training, and transition into practice
  • Joy of Lifetime Learning, providing education metrics for developing and maintaining expertise
  • ACS Model for Verification of Surgical Knowledge and Skills

4. Maintenance of Certification

  • Focus on self-regulation, rather than relying on legislation
  • American Board of Surgery alternatives proposed with wide support

5. Advocacy

  • Added support models for members and chapters
  • 2018 Leadership & Advocacy Summit:  May 19-22, 2018 in Washington, DC
  • Payment and reimbursement efforts, including moving to MACRA, global payments, evaluation and management codes, malpractice reimbursement, code value advocacy, and insurance contracts

6. Military Health System Partnership

7. Health Policy

  • Vision:  To provide access and comprehensive quality surgical care to our patients
  • Barriers and challenges:
    • Insurance coverage
    • Affordability
    • Quality
    • Authenticity
  • EMR issues:
    • Medical records that guide and teach
    • Document for care, not payment
    • Interoperability

8. Healthcare Reform

  • Updates on single payer, ACA, and dismantling public programs
  • Surgeons are aiding in decreasing medical spending
  • Opportunity remains to improve national healthcare expenditure, as waste accounts for 1/3 of cost

9. Research & Grants

  • $27,680, 460 awarded

Please be sure to contact any of your Florida Governors with questions or concerns.

Patricia Byers, MD, FACS

Mark Dobbertien, DO, FACS

Joseph Gallagher, MD, FACS

Christine Laronga, MD, FACS

Jaime Membreno, MD, FACS

Deepak Nair, MD, FACS

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 3:45pm