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Surgical Learning with C-SATS®

Unlock the Power of Data and Community

To enhance our digital education tools and provide our members with access to best-in-class resources, FCACS has formally partnered with C-SATS, part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, to help support your surgical learning journey.

Join a vetted, secure, surgeon-exclusive community (at no charge) via a C-SATS BASIC subscription and access a robust, digital resource designed to help enhance your surgical proficiency. C-SATS, a surgical skills improvement platform, is powered by data analytics and human insights to promote learning, sharing and mentoring.

FCACS members will be eligible to receive:

  • C-SATS BASIC subscription at no charge | Access to 15K+ vetted case videos and a surgeon community including 350+ surgeon experts
  • 25% discount for C-SATS ADVANCED subscription* (direct to surgeon) | Enabling seamless, secure surgical video capture and storage to your HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST Certified C-SATSprivate video library.

* Customer Service Agreement and Business Associate Agreement Terms Apply

Join Today

Learning Academy

Explore our curated reference library of 15,000+ surgical procedures. View multiple ways of performing the same procedure

Connected Community

Connect to 350+ experts and contribute to a secure, vetted community, sharing your expertise for mutual learning


Access anytime, anywhere. Quickly find what you need with advanced case filtering across more than 10 specialties

Safe & Secure

Access a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST Certified surgical learning and sharing platform

In Their Words

Dr. Jay Redan
Chief of Surgery, AdventHealth Celebration 
President and Governor, Florida Chapter of the American College of Surgeons

“As someone that's been performing surgery for over 30 years, I always keep an open mind to learning new techniques. We can always learn from each other, no matter what our education or experience level. As long as we keep an open mind into seeing new techniques and technology, we are all going to become better and stronger. C-SATS offers surgeons a secure and validated digital platform through which to receive constructive feedback and share knowledge with others to support us in this pursuit."

Dr. Mark Soliman
System Chairman of Colorectal Surgery, AdventHealth Orlando

Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship Program Director, Colon & Rectal Clinic of Orlando

“After fellowship, there are very limited opportunities for surgeons to receive constructive feedback on their skills development. As a C-SATS Expert, you can fill this gap surgeons face in their careers. Providing actionable insights for others to learn from has been a satisfying, meaningful experience for me.”

Dr. Mark Dobbertien
CDR MC (Ret) US Navy
Flagler Health+

"Video-based learning and quality assessment in surgery is a new paradigm ready for widespread adoption and dissemination. All stakeholders benefit from this amazing new technology. Surgeons get objective, validated and timely feedback on their technical skills with resources on how to improve. Patients have improved outcomes with less blood loss and fewer conversions to open surgery. Hospitals benefit from enhanced reputations, fewer readmissions, and less cost. Overall, these new technologies fusing cloud-based video review with validated analytics and artificial intelligence are changing the way surgeons improve in real time and the way we educate and do peer review and credentialling."
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