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Mentorship Program

The FCACS Mentoring Program will focus on pairing FCACS members with a surgical-focused mentor. The goal of the program is to provide mentees an opportunity to interact with other FCACS members from diverse background, types of practice, and geographic regions, as well as the opportunity to gain valuable guidance and career advice related to their growth as surgeons.

Mentoring partnerships are set with the expectation of a 1-year commitment, allowing partners to set and accomplish both short- and long-term goals. Mentor/Mentee pairs will be provided with materials to help set successful and obtainable goals. Partnerships will be set from annual meeting to annual meeting. The expectation will be that mentoring pairs meet quarterly either in-person, via phone, email or teleconference. Mentor pairs are also encouraged to meet at the FCACS Annual Meeting and the ACS Clinical Congress if both are in attendance.

Mentoring pairs will be matched based on a combination of the following criteria.
  • Specialty
  • Phase of Career
  • Location
  • Type of Practice
The inaugural 2020-2021 Mentoring Program Cohort will have 12 spots that members can apply for. This cohort will include:
  • 3 Medical Students
  • 3 Residents
  • 3 Associate Fellows
  • 3 Fellows

The mentee cohort will be selected by the Membership Committee.

Choose a mentor or mentee application.

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