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Raymond H. Alexander Award Recipients
1992 Thad M. Moseley, MD, FACS
1993 John C. Fletcher, MD, FACS
1994 Norman M. Kenyon, MD, FACS
1995 George L. Irvin, III, MD, FACS
1996 William H Meyer, Jr, MD, FACS
1997 William C. Hartley, MD, FACS
1998 H. Quilliam Jones, Jr, MD, FACS
1999 Frederick A. Reddy, MD, FACS
2000 Theron T. Knight, Jr, MD, FACS
2002 John O. Gage, MD, FACS
2003 Robert Edward Cline, MD, FACS
2004 A. Frederick Schild, MD, FACS
2005 James W. Large, MD, FACS
2006 Edward Copeland, MD, FACS
2007 Phillip Andrews, MD, FACS
2008 Carlos A. Suarez, MD, FACS
2009 Joseph J. Tepas III, MD, FACS
2011 Eli Lerner, MD, FACS
2012 Richard Lynn, MD, FACS
2013 John Armstrong, MD, FACS and
Larry Lottenberg, MD, FACS
2016 Patricia M. Byers, MD, FACS
2017 John Rioux, MD, FACS
2018 Alan Pillersdorf, MD, FACS
2019 Joseph Gallagher, MD, FACS
2021 Steven Dr. Wexner, MD, PhD (Hon), FACS

Raymond H. Alexander, MD

Dr. Alexander was a tireless advocate for trauma care in the state of Florida and in Jacksonville. Under his guidance and with his leadership, Florida became recognized as one of the few states with legislated trauma systems. His leadership was evident nationally in the ACS Committee on Trauma as well, where he was chief of Region IV.

Dr. Alexander influenced many surgeons, physicians, residents, and patients during his professional career. His courage and determination through adversity are an inspiration to all fortunate to have known him.

This award is to recognize outstanding dedication and service to the medical profession in the field of surgery as exemplified by the devoted and unselfish nature of Ray Alexander, MD.

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