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2021 Edward M. Copeland, III, MD, FACS Resident Research Abstract Showcase

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Abstract Type: Florida Commission on Cancer
Titlesort descending Abstract File Primary Abstract Author
Age Increases the Likelihood of Withdrawal of Care after Robotic Esophagectomy  PDF icon View Cassandra Schuster 
Analysis of Surgical Approach and Tumor Distance to Margin After Liver Resection for Colorectal Liver Metastases  PDF icon View Emanuel Shapera 
Long term results of Simplified Lymphatic Microsurgical Preventing Healing Approach (SLYMPHA) for the Prevention of Breast Cancer-Related Clinical Lymphedema  PDF icon View Tolga Ozmen 
Nationwide outcomes of simultaneous resection of primary colorectal cancer and synchronous liver metastases  PDF icon View Kara Bowers 
Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy versus Surgery for Clinically Node-Negative, Early-Stage Breast Cancer Patients  PDF icon View Nadia Nocera Zachariah 
Robotic Vs. ‘Open’ Major Hepatectomy: A Propensity Score Matching Study  PDF icon View Emanuel Shapera 
Salivary Gland Carcinoma Ex-Pleomorphic Adenoma: The role of long-term surveillance for early detection of malignant transformation  PDF icon View Marcelo Farias 
Simplified Lymphatic Microsurgical Preventing Healing Approach (SLYMPHA) for Prevention of Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema after Axillary Dissection  PDF icon View Tolga Ozmen 
Surgical Management of the Axilla in the Z1071 Era: Propensity-Score Matched Analysis of the NCDB  PDF icon View Samer Naffouje 
Telemedicine for Complex Cancer Care in the COVID era: the impact of distance on care delivery  PDF icon View Nicholas Manguso 
Abstract Type: Basic Science
Titlesort descending Abstract File Primary Abstract Author
Another Unnecessary Test? The Value of Screening Blood Cultures on ECMO  PDF icon View Jourdan McKinnis 
Changes in Innate Immunity and the Bone Marrow Transcriptomic Response to Anemia following Severe Blunt Trauma  PDF icon View Lauren Kelly 
Evaluating Prehospital Characteristics of Motorcycle Fatalities: Can We Save More?  PDF icon View Kelsey Ensor 
Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation in Trauma Patients: Meaningful Outcomes After Survival?  PDF icon View Rebecca Saberi 
Long-term trends in non-intimate-partner-related violence against women  PDF icon View Keouna Pather 
Partial Nephrectomy Versus Diet-Induced Nephropathy: Comparing Murine Models of Renal Dysfunction  PDF icon View Erik Anderson 
Predictors of Mortality for Upper Extremity Penetrating Vascular Injuries (UEPVI)  PDF icon View Justine Broecker 
Spontaneous Neutrophil Migration is Decreased in Preterm Infants Leaving Them Vulnerable to Sepsis  PDF icon View Brittany Fenner 
Unique microRNA Expression Patterns in Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells after Hemorrhagic Shock and Polytrauma in Young and Old Adult Mice  PDF icon View Dijoia Darden 
Abstract Type: Clinical Science
Titlesort descending Abstract File Primary Abstract Author
Changes in Practice Due to COVID-19 Pandemic on Emergency General Surgery Service  PDF icon View Eva Urrechaga 
Colorectal Surgery Indications and Outcomes in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients  PDF icon View Rebecca Saberi 
Concordance/Discordance Between Radiologist and Surgeon for Cholecystitis and Impact on Clinical Outcomes  PDF icon View Alessia Cioci 
Does Adoption of New Technology Increase Surgical Volume? The Robotic Inguinal Hernia Repair Model  PDF icon View Tara Barry 
Extent of colectomy impact on medically refractory Clostridioides difficile enterocolitis  PDF icon View Christina Farid 
Implementing Stop the Bleed Training into Medical School Curriculum  PDF icon View Amanda Marsh 
Improper Restraint Use in Pediatric Patients Involved in Motor Vehicle Collisions  PDF icon View Eva Urrechaga 
Missing Seats at the Table – Diversification of Academic Surgery, its Leadership, and the Influence of Intersectionality  PDF icon View Andrea Riner 
Recurrence Risk Following Resection of Cutaneous Angiosarcoma is Associated with Primary Site of Disease  PDF icon View William Adams 
Robot-Assisted Thoracoscopic Lung Decortication  PDF icon View Navid Ajabshir 

2021 Medical Student Research Abstract Exhibition

Abstract Type: Medical Student
Titlesort descending Abstract File Primary Abstract Author
Comparing Risk Factors for Pancreatitis After Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery in the US  PDF icon View Dominique Catena 
Does the Type of Central Line for Induction Therapy Impact Outcomes for Children with Cancer?  PDF icon View Alexandra Ilstad-Minnihan 
Evaluation of the Current Treatment Strategies for Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors <1 cm  PDF icon View Jamie Glasser 
Excellent Outcomes of Atypical Fibroxanthoma Warrant Specific Diagnosis  PDF icon View Erin McClure 
High Volume Surgeons Have Improved Outcomes After Robotic Transthoracic Esophagectomy In The Community Setting  PDF icon View Jamie Glasser 
Impact on survival of the number of lymph nodes resected in patients with esophageal cancer following neo-adjuvant therapy  PDF icon View Jordan McDonald 
Laparoscopic Toupet Fundoplication in Lung Transplant Recipients  PDF icon View Celeste Yergin 
Office-Based Inferior Vena Cava Filter Placement Correlates with High Rates of Retrieval and Follow-Up  PDF icon View Emily Giuffre 
Two for the Price of One: Concurrent Diagnoses of Biliary Dyskinesia and Gastroparesis in Children  PDF icon View Natalie Applebaum 
Which Works Best in Managing Pediatric Abscesses: Vessel Loop or Packing?  PDF icon View Emma Djabali 
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